Why Mario Götze Has Been Missing

Götze was the next big German up and comer.  At the age of 22 he was one of the youngest German’s to start for the German national team.  He was the star of Borussia Dortmund and earned a massive move to Bundesliga giants, Bayern Munich.  At the 2014 World Cup, he scored the winning goal to make Germany champions but where has he been for the last two years?


Mario Götze has unfortunately been diagnosed with a rare muscle disorder known as myopathy.  Myopathy is a disease of muscle in which the muscle fibers do not function properly. This results in muscular weakness.  Common symptoms include muscle weakness, cramps, stiffness, and tetany.  Because of this he cannot run as fast as he used to let alone play at the professional level.  It is very unfortunate that such a great player has to cut his career short because of such a dibilitating disease.  It is a very hard thing to come back from because the underlying cause has to do with many other physiological problems.


It is possible for Götze to eventually come back from this but who knows if he will be able to replicate his former self.  I think that a move away to a lower league club would give him a good confidence boost when he is able to play again to remind him of the player he truly is.  I also believe that a move out to the wing will offer him some rest from always playing a central role (center mid/striker).  As a way to honor Mario Götze I have compiled some highlights of his best moments.

Summer Transfer Predictions

One of the most exciting things about professional football is seeing all of the transfers that happen each summer.  It’s cool to see some of the best players trying themselves with a different team or league. Some of these transfers are short loan spells where they are still owned by their original club or full on purchases where they are now the property of a new club.  These are my predictions for which players  think will change clubs next season.


Antoine Griezmann Atletico Madrid —> Manchester United

Diego Simeone reveals how Manchester United can sign Antoine Griezmann this summer

Griezmann has proved himself in the passed few seasons as one of the world’s best strikers.  There is speculation every year that he will move clubs and I think this will be the year he finally moves from La Liga.  He will go to Man United because he himself has said that he would like to play at the same club as his French Partner Paul Pogba as well.


Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid —> Paris Saint Germain

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Roanldo is currently the best player in the world and has just ended his contract with Real Madrid.  He has spent a decade with the club and is starting to get to an age where I downward swing could happen.  I think it would be silly for a team like Paris, who have the money to buy him, not to snatch him up before another club does.


Adel Taarabt Genoa —> Queen’s Park Rangers (loan)

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A player who is still trying to find his form, Adel Taarabt must move clubs this summer in order to get back to his former self.  He hardly a plays for his current club so I think a loan spell is definitely not out of the question since he is not being used at the moment.  I think he will be loaned out to QPR a club which he flourished at in the past.


Kostas Manolas A.S. Roma —> Chelsea F.C.

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Monolas has proven to be one of the Calcio A’s greatest defenders this season.  His pace, defending and mental ability on the ball have gotten a lot of clubs talking about him.  I think that after guiding Roma to the type of the table this season he will earn a transfer to Chelsea F.C., a great club who are looking for a rock solid defender.


Sergio Aguero Manchester City —> Real Madrid F.C.

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This season, Man City have introduced a new young striker to their line-up, Gabriel Jesus.  He has played out of his skin this season and regularly starts over Aguero.  Aguero still has a lot left in him as a striker, so that is why I think he will go to another club.  With Cristiano Ronaldo leaving he will fit nicely in their starting XI.

Is Ronaldo Going To Jail

Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused by the Spanish government of of evading 14.7 million worth of taxes.  The Real Madrid Forward has not allegedly not paid a certain number of taxes for 6 years being in Spain.  He is set to move clubs this summer but if found guilty he could possibly be sent to prison for 5 years.  This would be a devastating blow to football as Ronaldo has been described as the best player in the world.  Although there is much anxiety over this I believe Ronaldo’s chances of going to jail are extremely slim.

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Ronaldo is renowned as possibly the best player ever.  He makes 32 million Euros a year so he can afford the best legal team in all of Europe.  In the past Both Messi and Neymar, two other of the world’s top players have also been charged with tax fraud and are still playing for their club F.C. Barcelona and not in jail.  If those two are able to avoid jail time then the world’s greatest player, Ronaldo should as well.

Spain’s Legal System

In Spain, for most first time offenses with tax fraud, the sentence can be served outside of jail.  This means that Ronaldo, if found guilty, will be able to continue to play football just like Messi and Neymar are doing.  Even though Ronaldo faces up to five years in prison he can most likely get a lighter sentence via his legal team’s help.


Ronaldo is undoubtably one of the greatest athletes in the world and the best footballer at the moment.  He has won 4 Ballon D’or’s, and has millions worth of brand deals.  It is inexcusable for a person make so much money to be a little bit short on their taxes.  All of these footballers who make millions are always trying give the government the run around when it really does not make a difference to them at all.  When you are making that much you should not have to worry about taxes.


Where In The World Is The Greek National Team?

Over the course of my soccer spectating life I have always loved the flair and passion of Greece.  Whether it be the Euro’s, the World Cup or even friendly matches, The Greek National Team will always put up a good fight.  At least that was the case about 10 years ago.  Lately, Greece has been having trouble even qualifying for major competitions.  During qualification for the Euro 2016 they finished bottom behind the Faroe Islands who have a population of not even 50,000.  It’s safe to say, they are not the powerhouse of a team they once were and here is why I think they have fallen out of form over the passed decade.


Financial Issues –

Unfortunately, Greece has also become famous for something else recently.  It’s not the Olympic Games, or Baklava anymore, it’s financial strife.  With Greece being in constant financial trouble, it is hard to put funding into their national soccer team.  Having a good soccer team has become the least of their problems as they could possibly be going into a financial crisis again quite soon.  In sports you almost always need money to be successful, and football is no different.


Horrible Manager –

Current Greek manager Michael Skibbe is not the man for the job to manage a national team.  He has little experience with managing big clubs with his biggest club managed being the assistant manager of the German National Team.  Greece needs someone with energy, with experience and someone with heart.  Skibbe’s style of coaching is far too relaxed for what the team needs right now.  They currently trying to qualify for the 2018 World Cup and if they don’t get someone to turn the team around they might not be able to qualify.


Old Age –

Greece used to be a pool of young fresh talent around the time they did win the Euro’s in 2004.  Now those days are gone and the fountain of youth is dry.  Greece does not have any new up and comers who have made big names for themselves.  The squad is saturated with players on their way to 40 and who used to be stars back in their younger days but are just getting to that age where they need to think about retiring.  Their squad also has an over abundance of defenders who are actually very good players in their own right.  The problem is that they can’t balance that with a good attack, which is their biggest week point.  Salpingidis, Samaras and Mitroglou have all retired and there is no one to take their place.


If Greece can get their act together they could be on their way to going to the 2018 World Cup.  If not I think it’s going to be very tough to recapture their 2004 where they became champions of Europe.  They need a new manager, new ways of funding and some new attackers.  Maybe then they will do some damage against the world best national teams.

Daily Create #tdc1986

The one thing I hate about the internet and am seeing more and more of every day is clickbait titles.  They are the most ridiculous things and annoy me every time I’m on Facebook.  The worst part is that the companies that generate them make there money from people clicking on them and seeing whatever pointless video or post the title is really about.  The assignment was relatively easy.  I found this picture on the web and used a photoshop website, Pixler to put the text on it.  I would like to do more assignments like this because I like this kind of satire.  I have a passion for it, even if it is negative passion.


Why France Will Win The 2018 World Cup

The French national team has truly been a sight for sore eyes of the past decade.  In the 2014 World Cup they only ended up making it to the quarter finals despite being favorites, and in the 2010 World cup they did not even make it past the group stage.  They have been an absolute disgrace to what they used to be, winning the world cup in 1998′ and finishing runners up in 2006.  In those that they did not perform well they should’ve at least finished runners up.  This up coming World Cup however will be much different.  The French national team has been revitalized with new, fresh young talent in defense, midfield and forwards.  Also, Manager Didier Deschamps has instilled a new way of moving the ball around the field that has made passing and keeping possession easier for the team.


Team Chemistry

A lot of members from the team play in the same league and even same club.  Paris Saint Germain and AS Monaco combined have 8 players who play for the national team and many more play in that same league.  The other players from the squad, who play outside of France, are some of the best players in the world right now.  Antoine Griezmann is currently one of the most expensive strikers at the moment, having had 3 successful seasons with Atletico Madrid in a row.  Paul Pogba, who is the most expensive signing in history is currently the strongest and most skillful defensive midfielder the premier league has.  All of these players together also have one thing that is very important, they are all young.  This means they have many years ahead of them to get used to how they play together and find out what works.  I fact the oldest player on the squad is 30 years old while most national teams is 36-40.


Euro 2016

France exploded to life last summer finishing second in the Euro’s.  Even though they were favorites to win the tournament, they still put on an impressive showing for all of Europe.  If they play as well at the World Cup as they did at the Euro’s they will surely win the whole thing.  They even have more talent on they’re team now than they did when they played in the Euro’s last summer.  Mbappe, Kante, Thauvin and Lemar are all new faces to the team and regularly start whether it be a friendly or a qualifier match.


Starting Line-Up

This is what I believe France’s starting XI should look like come World Cup 2018:


Forwards: Griezmann, Mbappe, Ousmane Dembele

Midfield: Kante, Pogba, Payet

Defense: Sidibe, Koscielny, Varane, Digne

GK: Lloris

Formation: 4-3-3

Where Are They Now?

This post is going to be dedicated to seeing where some of football’s one hit wonders who are currently still playing, have ended up after not living up to expectations.  This topic is something that is has always interested me because in professional football you can go from zero to hero in just one season.  This can happen from suffering an injury, moving clubs or just not playing well in general.  No matter the case, it truly is hard to be one of the best season after season, and only a few players are able to do it.

(View highlight reels by clicking players)




Once said to be the heir to the behemoth that is the Brazilian National team, Robinho was one of the most skillful footballers back in 2008-2011 era and had a promising future.  He was first discovered at Santos F.C. until earning moves to Real Madrid, Man City and A.C. Milan. He was a hot and cold player who unfortunately could never really find form at any of the clubs he signed for and was mostly there to sell shirts.  After an unimpressive last season with Milan, he moved back to Brazil where he now plays for Atletico Mineiro, a team where he can show off his fancy skills which he known well for.


Adel Taarabt


Taarabt lit up the Premier League with his first club Tottenham Hotspur in 2008, until the young Moroccan moved to Queen’s Park Rangers where he was the star of the team.  He could play anywhere needed for that team, even playing at striker in times of need.  After a quick loan spell with A.C. Milan, Taarabt came back to QPR different than when he left and could not find his magic touch.  He signed for S.L. Benfica shortly after coming back to QPR and immediately fell into the worst form of his career.  He was relegated to the B team after showing up unfit and is currently on loan to Genoa.  Taarabt is still young so hopefully he can find form before his career is over.


Samir Nasri


Nasri is one of those players that you either love or hate.  The reason for that is because his antics on and off the field make him a controversial character.  Whether you like him or not there is one thing that no one can deny, he was once an outstanding player.  Nasri had an amazing start to his career with Arsenal F.C. where he was the heart of the midfield along with Spanish international Cesc Fabregas.  After a couple of seasons he signed with Man City where he continued to his good form.  After two seasons however he started a downward spiral of off the pitch incidents with the manager and not getting enough playing time with the first team.  He was also banned from the national team after a training ground bust up with one of the assistant coaches.  He currently plays as a left midfielder with Sevilla in Spain where he is train to get back on his feet and become the player everyone expected him to be.

The Problem With Hooliganism

Just the other day in Mexico, a referee was beaten to death by six teenagers and and adult following a youth game.  Anyone would agree that a story like this is tragic but it has become all too common in the world of football, especially in South America.  Football hooligans are best known for getting drunk and fighting with each other, but in recent times they have gotten even worse.  The murder, steal and destroy property, all because it’s fun to them.


I feel that a lot of the problem has to do with discipline.  In a match, players can belittle and abuse the referee as much as they want as long as they do not make threats or touch them.  This is a problem because the players can go to the extent of getting heated and that transcends onto the fans watching, causing violence and riots.

Many people are sympathetic towards the hooligans because in their eyes they are still fans who are just really passionate about football.  To me, passionate people don’t cover their faces, shout slurs and beat people up, criminals do that.  All of these things are not what makes football great, it’s the game itself.  American sports have this similar culture but do not have nearly as many problems.  Many Americans get drunk and baligerant at sporting events but they are not viewed as fans, they are viewed as drunk losers who are then dealt with accordingly by security.


I think that there needs to be serious reform football fans or else going to games will not be safe anymore.  Football hooligans take a toll on the sport, their clubs and the countries themselves.  At the end of the day it is just a game it is not life and death and should not be treated that way.

Chinese Football Explained


The transfer market is now open this summer and new signings are being made left and right.  Players are coming back after being sent out on loan and others are starting new chapters of their career with new clubs.  It is usual for the bigger European teams to splash out millions of pounds for the best players but one league, in the past couple of years has made some very unusual and expensive signings, the Chinese League.



Comparison With Other Leagues

Now, I have nothing against the Chinese League by any means but I think anyone who watches football on a regular basis would be in agreement that it is not one of the most popular leagues in the world.  In fact the MLS (Major League Soccer) probably gets more attention than the Chinese League does, which is shocking considering how unpopular Soccer is in America.

Crazy Player Earnings

Not only are these Chinese teams signing some of the most sought after players in the world like Hulk, Oscar, Ezequiel Lavezzi and Fredy Gaurin, they are signing them for insane deals.  For example, the deal that Lavezzi signed with Hebei F.C. grants him £400,000 as reported by mirror.co.uk.  This ranks him with the top earning professional footballers even though he is no where near one of the best in the world.


Where Does The Money Come From?

So where are China getting all of this insane amount of money from?  The Chinese president Xi Jinping has came out and said that he wants to turn China into a football super power.  To do this he has pooled massive amounts of money into buying some of the world’s top stars and bringing them to China to gain popularity for the sport, but to also get children interested in playing and to hopefully have China qualify for the world cup some day.  I would say this investment in football could go either way for China.  If they think it could gain popularity it could bring in massive amounts of money to the country, but if they do not succeed they could be left in serious debt from the ridiculous wages the players are offered.  Either way Chinese league has stuck to their promise and has consistently bought the players they will need to make the Chinese League a top league in the world.  If they can make it work they will surely have a league with regular viewers.

Top Up and Coming Youngsters

It seems that now more than ever there are so many new potential stars in the world of football.  Young players have become a staple in all of the top European teams like Juventus, Manchester City and Real Madrid.  It seems that every week we hear about a player that is going to be the new Messi or Ronaldo.  Although with great potential can come great disappointment.  Freddy Adu was labeled by everyone as the new Pele when he was only 16 years old and we have not heard anything about him in 10 years.  I have come up with a pick of the top three players that I think have the potential to be the next best player in the world, and not flop like the rest.


Kylian Mbappé Lottin (18)


Drawing comparisons with the great Thierry Henry, the Frenchman from Monaco, Mbappe, has had a riot of a season in both Ligue 1 and the Champions League.  At the age of 18 Mbappe has racked up 26 goals in his second season in the league making him the fifth highest goal scorer this season.  Along with that he is the man responsible for bringing his club Monaco to the semi-finals in the champions, having scored 6 goals in all games.  He is a fast potent striker who is a always on the move and hard to defend.  I predict he will earn himself a big transfer this summer to a club which deserves his skill.


Christian Pulisic (18)


Christian Pulisic is one of the most exiting American athletes at the moment because he’s young and actually good at soccer for an American.  He currently plays for one Borussia Dortmund, one of the best teams in the German Bundesliga.  Pulisic started off his first professional season as a substitute, but soon found himself in the starting 11 each week providing goals and assists left, right and center.  He is also a regular in the US men’s national team, taking the loan striker from iconic US goal scorer Clint Dempsey.  Christian Pulisic is truly going to be the new Captain America one day.


Gabriel Jesus (19)


The new signing from Palmeiras, Gabriel Jesus has lit up the premier league even with being plagued by injury this season.  The Brazilian signed for Manchester City this season and has scored 7 goals in only a short 10 appearances, even scoring on his debut.  He even replaced Sergio Aguero, one of the Premier League’s top strikers before suffering his foot injury that took him out for the rest of the season.  When Gabriel Jesus is finally fit he will surely score many goals in his up coming career.