ANT 231 – Culture & Society in the Middle East

This course is an introductory look at people and culture of the Middle East. As an anthropology course, it covers a host of topics pertinent to understanding culture such as ethnocentrism, cultural relativism, changing cultures in the contemporary world, migration patterns, globalization, human rights and gender roles. Students investigate the role of religion, power dynamics and the various viewpoints of diverse peoples in the region, the role of oil, and the media. This course also examines the “Arab Spring,” resistance to change by some and how youth of the region are catalysts of change.

A link to our final project can be found here

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This was a very informative and interesting class.  It was definitely my favorite class of the spring 2017 semester because I find learning and experiencing different cultures to be very interesting.  I particularly find the Middle East interesting because of its rich history.  In the class we learned about everything from food to culture to laws and religion.