DS106 Video Project Assignment


For this assignment, I used five of my favorite ds106 assignments to make a video compilation of what I think is my best work.  This assignment was very fun because I got to go and look back at what I have learned and done in the class over the course of the month.  It was relatively easy to do since I had all the tools I needed right in my ePortfolio.  In order to make the slide show I used a website called Animoto.com the site was very easy to use, all I needed to do was to drag and drop the pictures I wanted to use in the slide show.  The only thing I did not like was that the video automatically has a water mark on it unless you upgrade to the premium version, I really did not want to pay for it though.  In all I would have to say this was my favorite assignment because the video looks good and it was a very good reflection on what the class is about and all of the interesting skills and tools we use in order to create art.