What They Might Have Done In Social Media

Twitter Post

Facebook Post

For this assignment we had to pick a historical figure to make a Facebook and Twitter profile for them.  the person I picked was Da Vinci because I have always found his life very interesting.  He was one of the most influential people during the renaissance era because not only was he an artist he was also and inventor.  He is credited for coming up with ideas that we have now as modern technology and he was truly ahead of his time.  My favorite piece that he has created is the Vitruvian Man, which is his picture of what the ideal male physique should be.  That is why I chose to make his profile picture on his accounts that painting because that is most likely how he wanted people to see him.  This assignment was very fun to me because we had to use a lot of creativity to complete it.  Making the Twitter profile was easy because it was very straight forward.  The Facebook post was a bit more difficult because the website was slightly confusing on how to create the post, but after a couple of minutes I understood how to get it to show up.