Turn A GIF Into a FIG

Trying to keep with the theme of soccer related content for my ePortfolio I chose to make this gif from a video I watched on one of my favorite players Yannick Bolasie.  He is doing his signature move the “Bolasie Flick” which, when put in reverse looks pretty cool.  What I also like about the gif is that the video it is taken from has already been edited a bit so it has the cool color change affect over it. The clip was taken from this video.  This assignment was relatively easy for me.  I took the video straight from youtube and put it into a gif generator.  Afterwards I took that gif and put it into a program which reverses gifs.  I had trouble at the beginning because when I would upload the gif to my ePortfolio page just one from from the gif wold show up, like an image.  After a couple minutes of trying to get it into gif form I finally got it to work.  I would like to do another assignment such as this because a lot of unique things can be made when you put them into reverse.  I also really like making gifs in general I find them entertaining.