BIO 105 – Bio I: Ecology/Evolution

This course is an introduction for students to basic concepts and unifying principles of biology. Topics covered include population, community, and ecosystems ecology, plant and animal evolution, systematics, and taxonomy. Fieldwork and laboratory are an integral part of the course.

Here is a link to a presentation I did about migration patterns in birds.

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This course was mainly focussed around the basics of biology.  We learned about animal behavior, the central dogma of biology and also population and communities of organisms.  This class was good to have freshman year because it set up a good foundation of knowledge around biology and and science in general.  This course helped a lot with other courses I took later years like cell and molecular biology because the same principals carry over to that class and also a lot of what we talked about in that class was covered in BIO 105.  Although I learned a lot of valuable information in the class, it was rather challenging.  I had to study weeks before tests because biology has a lot to do with how well you remember things.