Home Video Gif

For this gif assignment we had to make a gif from a home video.  This is a video my friend took of me when we were in 7th grade.  We were really into filming and documenting things an putting them on youtube which is where I obtained the video of me.  The full video is just of me in my driveway doing all kinds of tricks with the soccer ball.  It is funny to look back and see what I looked like when I was younger and what I was doing at the time.  I still play soccer today and I also practice doing these tricks as well.  From watching the video I can see that all of the tricks I do are the same as I know now, which means I need to learn some new ones.  I  This assignment was relatively easy to do. I just pasted the URL of the youtube video into the gif creator and picked which segment I wanted to use as the gif.  I tried downloading the video and then using it in the gif creator, but it only worked from directly using the Youtube link.