Remix That Record

Original Record

X-Ray Vision

This assignment was very creative because we got use out new found knowledge about web design and implementing it in editing a world record page.  The page that I chose to edit was the longest tail on a dog page.  I switched the record around to make it the longest tail on a frog.  I found an image of a tadpole with a really long tail and made up some statistics about it.  I had a lot of fun doing this and the x-ray tool was very easy to use.  I would definitely like to do more coding assignments in the future because I really enjoy editing web pages.  The only part I really had trouble with for this assignment was putting in a new image on the page.  I think it must’ve been something wrong I was doing because I finally got it after moving some text around.  I think that there could be a record for the longest tail on a frog because tadpoles have tails but no one has taken the time to find one and name it the one with the longest tail.  I really enjoy coding and making new and exciting things with web pages.