ENV 104 – Intro to Environmental Issues

An introduction to environmental challenges and opportunities which emphasizes that humans are part of ecosystems within interdependent cycles which involve other organisms, air, water, chemicals, and energy. The course examines the relationships of humans to their environment from historical, economic, scientific, aesthetic, and ethical perspectives.

A link to a presentation on Snell Farm can be found here

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This class was very informative on issues having to do with the environment and all the aspects of human life that affect the planet.  Before this class I had no idea how not only my existence impacts the earth in a negative way but how I can stop it.  Since taking the class I have found myself being much more conscientious about the environment.  I chose the interview with a farmer project as my evidence for what I learned because the question that we asked and the information we received from him reflect what we learned in class over the semester.  On top of learning about the environment in class, we regularly took field trips to different places around Maine which are directly related to the environment.  An example of this was when we went ReVision energy, a company specializing in solar panels.  We learned about how switching to solar power would greatly reduce our carbon footprint on the Earth.