Selfie With A Pet

This is my family’s golden retriever Colby.  He is extremely slender and lanky so when you hold him he kind of looks like a baby kangaroo in person.  Growing up I’ve always been a dog person because ever since I was little we have always had a dog in the house.  I also think that I get it from my mom because she loves dogs and all creatures that have fur.  We have a cat as well but he extremely unfriendly.  He never wants to be touched by anyone and he always has this angry look on his face.  Colby is the complete opposite way, he loves people but he is very scared of everything.  He does not like any kind of foreign object including things like phones, brooms, lacrosse sticks, television remotes etc. and when he hears a loud noise he runs upstairs and hides under the bed.  He does love to go for runs though or pretty much do anything as long as we are around him.  he sometimes will not even go outside unless someone accompanies him.  He has a lot of learning to do but hopefully one day he will overcome his fears of everything.