In our ENG 304 class we have been learning all about webpages and coding.  The two content structures we have been using are HTML and CSS.  Both of these are very popular with a lot of webpages.  I really enjoyed learning how to create webpages, inserting images and text and seeing what really goes into creating a webpage.  We also learned how to connect webpages, change font size and color of text.  These tutorials help a lot with our class because most of what we do has to do with the internet in some way  I had no idea how much effort it takes in creating webpages and I have a lot more appreciation for it now.  The tutorials on Codecademy were very easy to follow and to the point.  It was very easy to pick up as a beginner.  I do have some other experience with coding from a web design class I took in high school, but we did not go into as much depth as we did in this class.  Above is an image that I screenshotted from the website which showed that I have completed the lesson 100%.  I am interested in the other tutorials this website has to offer as I now have a new fascination with webpages.