We’re The Real Life Brady Bunch!

For this assignment I decided to make a family collage.  My family unfortunately does not have a lot of pictures of all of us together so I thought I would make this not only for class but also for my mother.  The picture includes me at the bottom, my sister bottom right, my brother bottom left, my dad top left, my mom top right, our cat at the top, and our dogs on both sides.  This assignment was a little difficult at first because I didn’t know how to go about it.  then I decided I wanted to use the original Brady Bunch picture template and put our faces on it.  I found one on the internet here and then I took screen shots from pictures of our faces.  After I put the template into a photo editor and made it the background.  Next I put each individual picture into each cell over the template then added some text to finish it.  I tried to make it as unique as possible by using the play on words “The Verville Variety”.  It’s a little corny but it fits.  This assignment was very interesting because I never really thought of this concept before and the Brady bunch used to be one of my favorite shows.